Est. 2014

In the spring of 2014 Bledsoe 3D was born. Started by a high school student in his parents basement. The company's first machine was a solidoodle 2 basic edition. This machine was used stock for the first couple months. It soon became unreliable and was taken apart. The printer became more work than anticipated, but was a learning adventure. Thanks to help from multiple 3d printing sources on Facebook, we were able to resurrect the solidoodle. It was running mostly stock parts with a few custom brackets. From there we upgraded the hotend, build plate, rods, 100% of the wiring, fans, and everything else but the electronics board itself

The modified solidoodle 2 became a great small printer, and also allowed us to learn how 3d printers work inside and out. The company had the opportunity to work on/with a couple different makerbots. After having 2 years experience with a makerbot we were ready to grow. In early 2017 Bledsoe 3D purchased a Creality CR-10. At the time this machine was a no name machine, that very few people had even heard of. This machine turned out to be one of the best machines that we have worked with. For the price there are so many different options. 

In the summer of 2017 Bledsoe 3D changed to Bl3Dsoe. Currently running a two printer operation and a blog Bl3Dsoe is proud to be a student started, and run company. 

        James Bledsoe

                 James Bledsoe

                 President of Bl3Dsoe