LokBuild Surface

I have had experience printing a a variety of print surfaces. I started with painters tape on an acrylic bed. I then started using glass and hairspray. I have also serviced multiple makerbots, white use makerbot's new build plate ( which is very cool because it is removable and flexible). On my CR-10 I used the stock glass bed along with hairspray. I noticed slight warping in the glass, so I purchased mirror tiles from Home Depot. I also purchased a LokBuild surface to attach to the mirror. I was contemplating attaching it directly on the aluminum bed, or on to the glass. After some research I came to the conclusion to attach it to the mirror tile, this way I can easily swap the mirrors out. When i was attaching the LokBuild surface I had some small bubbles, I was able to work out what I thought was all of them, but I realized I still have a few small ones. I currently have to reconfigure all prints to a different spot on the build platform that is not in the way of the bubble. I am going to get a new LokBuild platform, because it was user error. The few prints I have done with the new surface have been incredible. I printed ABS with no warping issues. It has worked flawlessly. I'll attach the link to their website below. I have been 3D printing since early 2014 and have printedon a multitude of surfgaces and I highly suggest using their print surface.


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